Why Mobile?


The visit to the vet at a traditional vet hospital can be very stressful for some pets and their owners. Paws Around Town Mobile Vet Hospital comes to you, making it less stressful for your pet and more convenient for you.


Some of the advantages include:


 No more long waits in a crowded lobby with other animals, and no more wasted time driving to and from the vet hospital — you wait in the comfort of your own home

 Less chance for disease and parasite transmission

 No car ride for pets who are afraid or get carsick

 Pets react much better in their own familiar environment, they are less likely to be fearful or aggressive

 Convenient for busy professionals, parents and people with multiple pets

 Convenient for the elderly, the handicapped and people who don’t drive

 Very cost comparative with a traditional vet hospital (the only difference is the housecall fee)

 You receive individual attention and more quality time is given to you and your pet.