If your pet ever has an urgent problem we will do our best to get to you as quickly as possible. If we are not able to reach you quickly we will refer you to South Orlando Animal Hospital — phone # 407-855-1297, www.soah4pets.com . But remember, if your pet has a true life-threatening emergency you should always know where the nearest traditional standing hospital is to where you live. If you have an emergency at night, on a weekend or holiday, you should go to the Veterinary Emergency Clinic located at 2080 Principle Row, Orlando FL 32837 (phone # 407-438-4449), or the 24 hour facility closest to you.


Experience has shown that many emergency situations arise due to delay in treatment when signs and symptoms first appear. Therefore, to avoid any after-hours emergency expense, it is prudent to call for an appointment when you first suspect your pet is ill.